Boxing Tips

Are you like me, do you want a PhD in the Sweet Science?

Are you looking for a like a cheat sheet of boxing tips to get you there?

I’ve assembled the boxing tips that have helped me over the years. These boxing tips will put you on the path to become a crafty and dangerous fighter.

Sparring Tips

Looking good on the bag and mitts is one thing, but it’s a long road to develop your skills in the ring against a quality boxers. These boxing tips should help you on your way.

Simple But Highly Effective Alternative to the Jab Cross Combo

Prepare for your first sparring.

What’s the difference between sparring with your friend who “knows how to box,” and a real boxer.

What should you expect over the course of your development in sparring. Read my breakdowns in Sparring Comfortably I and Sparring Comfortably II.

Sparring etiquette. More experienced boxers generally won’t try to hurt you unless you get out of line. Don’t be “that” guy…

Getting Started

You need to find a gym that trains and cultivates real fighters. Before you begin searching for your future gym, read the Secrets to Finding a Boxing Gym.

How to Evaluate a Boxing Gym Part I and Part II.

I suggest just showing up to train no matter how out of shape you are. But if you’re self concious about keeping up, read my post on how to get in shape before your first class.

Heavybag Tips

Should you focus on speed or power?

When working the heavy bag, avoid “pushing the bag.”

Defensive Tips

You should be be developing 3-dimensional defense.

What one skill strikes fear into the heart of your opponent?

How to Hide Your Busted Face From Work

Got a black eye, swollen nose or fat lip? Never fear I’ve got your covered:

Hiding Injuries From White Collar Jobs Part I

Hiding Injuries From White Collar Jobs Part II.

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